Guide: Leadership Development & Coaching Programs

…inspired employees are three times more productive than dissatisfied employees, but they are rare. For most organizations, only one out of eight employees is inspired. – Eric Garton

Managers, at all levels, are responsible for the smooth day-to-day running of business and for inspiring their teams, especially in tough times. AND 70% of managers have a direct bearing on the engagement levels of their staff.

BUT most managers lack the requisite leadership skills and are often promoted too soon.

Here’s what the updated Guide will cover…

In my updated guide – COMING SOON! – you will learn these critical things to ensure successful design and operation of your Leadership Development & Coaching Programmes:

  • Top reasons why managers fail
  • Why and how to build a coaching culture
  • Pathways to inspiring your people
  • How to shorten the learning curve for new hires
  • 20 things to get right with coaching
  • How to evaluate internal vs external coaches
  • The 2 most important ROI measures
  • Best ways to leverage profiling data and statistics
  • Which companies already have coaching programmes and why they value them

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To date, leadership development and coaching has been limited to high-cost employees like CxOs, VPs and Directors but that is changing…!

Higher employee engagement is associated with stronger financial performance. That puts employee engagement high on the agenda for today’s HR and Learning & Development leaders. The level of disenfranchisement is a staggering 70%+ and that comes at a major financial and time cost to companies across the globe.

Thankfully, we’re evolving our understanding on what works with the help of neuroscience, workforce analytics and behavioral research.

We now have sufficient data and tested models to confirm that behavioral shifts take time, that real moment learning is the most sustainable approach, and that leadership development and talent management strategies need a mix of approaches that includes exposing talent to internal strategic challenges through to hiring external coaches.

Updated guide coming soon…!

Since first publishing this in-depth guide two years ago, interest in coaching and mentoring as a core component of Leadership Programmes has grown. I am currently updating this guide with more current knowledge, research and trends.

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What people said about the original guide…

WOW! Educationally excellent article on “Leadership Development and Coaching Programs” and so immensely helpful. I am still reading it as I want to digest every critical information that you have written about this subject. While reading your article, I was fascinated that the concept of ‘customizing the coaching offering’ came through clearly and loudly. Like you, I do believe that numerous organizations get trapped in the ‘one-size fits all’ approach and thus, entire projects fail as a result. – N. Williams-Seymour


Sehaam, you have done an excellent job at outlining the recipe for business success! I hope your knowledge and wisdom reach many senior level executives because they will profit from how you have so generously shared your knowledge with the world! – C. Robertson


Sehaam, thank you for giving me the insight to what I can do and how I can assist in an organization. – J. Sipa


Thanks for this Sehaam. I appreciate the insights which resonate with me in my current role as an “Internal Coach”. I particularly enjoyed your discussions around “Building a Coaching Culture”, “Leadership Development” and “Internal Coaches vs. External Coaches”. – J. Wilkinson

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