“When people are clear on their role and how they want to grow and contribute, it becomes crystal clear why they should mentor and grow other people.”

Sehaam Cyrene, Founder & Executive Coach, Paper Tuner

Tailored Solutions

I infuse my practice with the latest knowledge from professional coaching, psychology, mediation, behavioural economics, neuroscience, and common sense.


Everyone benefits from time with a coach – from board directors and C-suite leaders to front-line managers, team leaders, and recent graduates. It’s just a question of how much you want to succeed.

  • Rated 9+/10 for value

  • Feel calmer, energised and focused

  • Think strategically, act consistently

  • Faster decisions, smarter delegating

  • Build stronger relationships and become more influential

  • Feel confident tackling tricky situations


New teams and established teams get out of whack sometimes. Through coaching and workshops, I help teams untangle the issues causing low alignment and therefore low productivity.

  • One-to-one and live team coaching

  • Leadership teams, programme or project teams, business units

  • Cross-discipline, cross-functional teams

  • Wide-ranging cultural backgrounds and communication styles

  • Any sector (we’re all humans after all)


Through persistence, patience and non-defensive conversations, people create, for themselves and others, safer ways to voice opinions and more confident ways of interacting with each other.

  • Complex programmes with multiple stakeholders and cultural backgrounds

  • Positively impact productivity and emotional commitment

  • Attract and keep great minds

  • Behavioural transformation that your people self-regulate

  • Embed deep within every function

A Positive Impact on Teams & Business

“I have started to ask more questions, not because I don’t know the answer but to invite others to the table.”

“I’ve never felt so supported in my professional career… amazing opportunity.”

“Collaboration has vastly improved between team members. Ideas are being shared across different departments… with members who would not usually come to the table with their thoughts.”

“Encouraging my team to make more decisions has given them the confidence to be more independent… give me more free time to help shape cross-team processes.”

“It’s given me a set of tools that make my collaboration with colleagues across the company more productive and less frustrating.”

“I no longer think I’m a bad manager. I feel at ease about having delicate conversations with people and removing my own emotions.”

“By building a strong corporate culture, we’re much more likely to succeed in attracting and keeping people and to increase productivity and success.”

“The coaching sessions gave me the chance to think about my own values and my behaviours within the business and being more mindful of how I can display them within and outside of my team.”

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