Working with Me

I help people dramatically shift their behaviours at work.

You cannot engage in your work in a fulfilling and useful way if critical elements – like role and responsibility, purpose, power and remit, reporting lines, accountability, medium to long-term context, common ground, environment, values, and so on – are unclear or messy.

Over the course of my work history of more than 20 years working in the UK, USA, Europe and New Zealand, I have always been focused on the happiness and productivity of people. I’ve worked in social and professional sports through to corporate and non-profit governance, media and publishing to global tech solutions and tech start-ups, and in facilities management and services delivery to regional healthcare provision.

As a strategy-minded consultant trained to coach leaders and teams across all industries, I work with decision-makers to bring about sustainable shifts in how people conduct themselves and how they contribute to their organisation. I find this space exceptionally rewarding for both its challenges and the outcomes.

Executive Coaching is for individuals and leaders needing to be more effective in your organisation.

Coach Managers is a customised programme to raise your managers to elite standards of management.

Team Productivity is designed to support programmes and projects throughout their lifecycle by driving tighter alignment on goals, contributions and risk.

Work Portfolio outlines the range of people work I do, both strategic and tactical, as well as my credentials.

Testimonials gives a flavour of my work ethic as experienced by professionals who have worked with me around the world.

And of course, I invite you to explore my posts which you may find personally useful.


Please email me with your work situation, contact details and good times to speak, and we’ll take things from there.