Coach Managers

Welcome to a future of Coach Managers.

My Coach Manager Programme is designed to help you develop an elite core of coach managers capable of exceeding expectations and of driving cultural change across your entire organization.

Coach Managers are all levels of managers who are skilled at growing people, creating forward-thinking cultures and execute on strategy with indisputable results. They are the future. Coach Managers can become the bedrock of your organisation. They can help your teams stay ahead of the competition as well as be daily magnets for new and rising talent.

Consisting of periodic workshops and regular one-on-one coaching, here’s how the progamme is deployed:

dealing with real issues in your organisation from day 1

The Coach Manager™ Programme begins with an intensive multi-day workshop. This is important because the workshop kick-starts the adoption of new ‘super’ behaviors. Also, the workshop is experiential meaning your managers are expected to put the strategies and approaches that they develop into practice in real time.

Breakouts involve them stepping out of the workshop to take immediate action in a real scenario. This gives an opportunity for your managers to analyse and tweak their approach in a supported peer learning environment. It’s also immensely effective in creating a culture of accountability.


My handpicked team of coaches, mediators and facilitators understand that your managers are at the front line of strategy execution. We also understand that it is your managers who hold the power to influence outcomes and model behaviors. That means that your managers need a toolkit that is enticing and easy to put into practice each and every day until they achieve mastery. Using live one-on-one and group coaching techniques, your managers are stretched to determine their most effective means of getting people to collaborate and excel.


One of the toughest challenges is shaking ourselves from ingrained approaches and behaviours common within our own industries. And yet, we know that cross-fertilising ideas from other industries and adapting them to our own environment and business needs can simply and dramatically increase productivity. So, when your managers are brainstorming solutions, my team is able to spot limiting biases and risky assumptions. We expose and encourage them to look for new models elsewhere, and we support them as they consider ways to adapt and apply them.

Values dictate behaviors

People bring a great and rich diversity of backgrounds, customs and morals. Harnessed well, this diversity brings opportunity. The reality is that for most people there is a great mis-alignment between personal values and those of the organisation they serve. Organisation values are often described in the broadest terms in a bid to reach as many people as possible and allow reasonable interpretation, for example ‘openness’ and ‘excellence’ and ‘customer facing’. The risk is that these values ring hollow, especially if observed behaviours tell a different story.

We work with your managers to create deeper engagement with personal and organisational values, create bridges and help them determine how their own behaviours play out in the management of their teams and onwards with your clients. This creates accountability and clarity – something your managers come to prize most highly.

Global context and complexity

Organisations that can harness their cultural diversity and flourish in ever more complex economic environments will become the household names that define how we live, work and play in the future. That means it is critical to have a team of facilitators with a profound knowledge of your industry and a firm appreciation of the responsibilities of your managers. We run through real scenarios affecting your business space – we role play and we collaborate until your managers have practical strategies to move forward with.

Building skills and behaviors into your organization’s DNA

The manager of the future will achieve mastery of management to a level yet not witnessed. Further, mastery of ‘coach’ management will be more widespread and indeed an expected standard. That runs the full spectrum from emotional intelligence, being the vanguards of culture, having an intrinsic understanding of human behavior and how to get the best from people, through to consistently providing effective feedback, influencing and delegation, setting up collaborative ecosystems, and being the doers of talent development and succession planning on which your organization’s agility rests.

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