Team Productivity

Team behaviours are driven by a clear understanding of the strategy, the part that we play, and an analytical, collaborative approach to problem-solving and innovating.

Teams are phenomenal powerhouses. Frustratingly however, a team’s effectiveness is rarely realized. Instead, a team’s culture will stagnate (established teams) or be in high flux (new teams). Either way, there is most likely a wide variation, from team member to team member, in understanding and behaviours.

This wide variation accounts for the lack of team effectiveness. In other words, team alignment is low and team members will exhibit behaviours in the red zone – guaranteeing low team productivity.

Operating in the red zone means team members are making incorrect assumptions and their biases are heavily in play. There is also a notable absence of information or evidence gathering. Team members are more likely to be performing on high emotional charge and share little to no common ground.

Needless to say, the green zone is where we would much rather be. Our behaviours are driven by a clear understanding of the strategy, the part that we play, and an analytical, collaborative approach to problem-solving and innovating.

We are more effective when and because we are co-creating.

Being in the green zone is more engaging of our human spirit because it is a safer, stronger environment to work in. We have shared goals and recognise we need diverse inputs to create great products and services.

Team Productivity Programme

When teams consistently practice behaviours in the green zone, error rates are reduced, issues are resolved quickly and often reducing the need to escalate them, team members anticipate the needs of colleagues and customers, and transitions – such as entry or exit of team members – are less painful.

I work with teams to bring about greater alignment on goals, values and contribution. High team alignment develops a team member’s ability to respond in considered and nimble ways. As well as evidence of more collaborative behaviours, strong team alignment translates into high engagement, low attrition and reduced expenditure associated with events such as rectifying mistakes, replacement hires, and how soon new team members get up to speed and start being effective.

My Team Productivity Programme includes exploration of objectives with team leaders, a series of facilitated workshops, and one-on-one coaching:

Exploration with Team Leaders

I partner with key leaders and stakeholders in your team to determine the needs and objectives of proposed work. Together, we establish primary objectives. From there, I design a full programme to transform team behaviors and culture.

Facilitated Workshops

Workshops take the team through modules and exercises that support the team in co-creating their culture – behaviors expected and desired, how to hold one another accountable, and how to recognise evidence (or absence) of team alignment. The workshops also explore what to do when things don’t go to plan, how to handle tricky conversations, and approaches and tools to ensure their new trajectory is sustainable.

One-on-One Coaching

I support leaders and their team members with one-on-one confidential executive coaching sessions. Following workshops, it’s easy to snap back into old behaviours. Hence, coach sessions are essential and proven to support people as they apply their new knowledge and shared objectives to their daily work.


Please email me with your work situation, contact details and good times to speak, and we’ll take things from there.