What People Say About Me

Here’s a selection of comments from people around the world who have worked with me and know my work ethic well:

Sincerely, thank you for your patience, challenge, and openness to us as a team throughout all the various changes we’ve been through over the past few months. You’re exceptional at what you do!! – S. Baker


Sehaam’s varied experiences in senior leadership and governance roles will make her a valuable team member of any go-ahead dynamic organisation. She delivers value across organisations through her ability to engage teams, lead creativity and extract the best out of people. She listens, learns and questions to ensure clear understanding of objectives and is comfortable robustly and respectfully debating core assumptions. Her ability to grasp complex concepts quickly, and her high productivity through being well organised, delegating with trust, communicating clearly and focusing on the important tasks that build businesses, means she is an investment worth making, to get things moving! – M. Ingle


Sehaam’s coaching style is professional as well as personal, trusting, and inviting. Sehaam has a wonderful way of listening and asking appropriate questions to dig a little deeper and bring more awareness. What I learned from Sehaam is to trust my instincts and work with what is “real”. – J. Jukich


As a coach she was broadly and deeply insightful with extraordinary amounts of compassion. – A. Schneider


Sehaam’s coaching style is systematic and relational. I appreciate that she kept me accountable by reconnecting on previous action steps. She also challenged me to determine beforehand who I will be in a new group of relationships. Working with Sehaam helped me sort through the priorities of the current season. – W. Connor


She has an immense drive, is results focused and generates thoughtful and exciting ideas on how to succeed. – O. Aasheim


Sehaam then and now serves as a brilliant source of inspiration and practical advice — to me and those she coaches. – B. Rosenblum


She was extremely professional and an absolute pleasure to work with. – L. Allan


Sehaam is great at getting her client to a space of reflection, uncovering their core values and defining goals that are true to those. From there, it becomes a snap to get into action, and Sehaam is very skilled at helping the client create a successful action plan, complete with contingencies and encouragement. – K. Barratt


Sehaam approaches all her projects with a great deal of passion and enthusiasm. – K. Turner


A great collaborator, Sehaam has a knack for asking questions, challenging assumptions and building on ideas to achieve great results. – K. Loadsman


Sehaam is one of the most insightful people I have ever met. She asks the right questions in order to understand how to optimize individual and team skills. She’s also an incredibly kind person with a fantastic sense of humor. – A. Schonfeld


Sehaam is well read and a high-end thinker… These are unique skills and she comes from a rare breed who can use both “Left & Right Brain” seamlessly. – J. Cockburn-Evans


It is Sehaam’s deep understanding of the workplace at large and her unique coaching that made all the difference. Her expertise directly impacted my life and facilitated positive change. – L. White


She is very professional in her approach and a natural strategic thinker and leads teams effectively. – K. Konsein


Sehaam is a natural leader, inclusive and a strategic thinker. She has a huge capacity to power through a large workload, is empowering, supportive and a great team player. – F. Christensen


She single handedly raised the profile of our branch through a well thought out media strategy that included regular thought provoking columns in regional newspapers. This in no small way contributed to a significant increase in membership over that time. – P. Bennett


Working with Sehaam has been one of the best experiences in my working life. She motivated me to raise my bar, think more strategically and be better at what I do. – E. van der Knaap


She was particularly proactive at stragically positioning our local branch of the Institute of Directors, and put a lot of time in linking our communications back to our strategy. – E. Amon


Sehaam added enormous value to the board through an ability to understand the “here and now” but have one eye on the future direction. The impact Sehaam had on the team was transformational and immediate in that the board started to talk more strategically about issues. Sehaam also backed this ability up with robust planning disciplines and an engaging style which was challenging whilst being positive and inclusive. We still comment on the skill gap left by Sehaam. – S. Lockwood


Sehaam has a genuine interest in helping people unleash their true potential through overcoming challenges and mapping out the steps required to achieve their objectives. – T. Mete


Sehaam established and ran an amazing company that improved our corporate apartment standards immensely, and grew with us over many years. She was the driving force behind £250k of savings in corporate apartment costs in the first year alone. – T. Langford


A pleasure to work with and very knowledgeable. Providing creative solutions to client problems. Keen to learn. Have already said “The Student outshine’s the Master!!” and meant it. – A. MacKelworth


Everytime I have recommended Sehaam (and Nest), they have given every assistance possible and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone needing their services. – K. Forbes


I work closely with Sehaam on a daily basis, and her ability to map situations and spot opportunities for development never ceases to astound me. This, combined with her genuine approachability, determination in a challenging environment and sheer drive makes her very rewarding to work with. – S. Green


I always enjoyed collaborating with Sehaam and appreciated the fresh perspective she brought to the table. Sehaam played a key role in bridging the gap between our international offices. Her creativity, approachability, and genuine interest in different ideas and points of view contributed significantly to increased connectivity for our organization. – L. Duarte


As a client, Sehaam got the best out of me and my design and development team by applying a deft combination of respect, friendliness and firmly expressed expectation. The result was an agency-side desire and determination to excel and avoid letting her down. – M. Walmsley