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Evolve your leadership style to encompass flexibility, clarity and strategic voice so you can get the best from your team every day.

  • Why YOU Might Be the Cause of Resistance

  • How to Unlock Every Team Member’s Commitment

  • How to Delegate Successfully with No Nasty Surprises

  • Why Your Team Sometimes ‘Misbehaves’

  • How to Influence ALL Your Stakeholders (FREE Download)

  • Which Single Habit Has the Biggest Impact on Success

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19 June 2019 @ 10am BST


Influence by reading people and the situation right first time. Unblock resistance, create advocates.

  • The powerful role of trust and permission when influencing others

  • Where you should be investing the most time, effort and energy

  • When contracting happens and why it’s your best accountability lever

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5 June 2019 @ 10am BST


Make great career moves, get people to back you, and pre-qualify yourself for the roles and opportunities you want.

  • 3 areas you should be investing in for maximum impact

  • How much time and money you should be spending on yourself

  • Live demo and free download of the Career Roadmap Worksheet

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24 April 2019 @ 10am BST

While change management remains a factor that we all have to embrace, Sehaam must be credited for assisting us in achieving double digit growth for 2 consecutive years during her engagement.

Andre Blom, CEO, Illinois Bone & Joint Institute, USA

The impact Sehaam had on the team was transformational and immediate in that the board started to talk more strategically about issues.

Simon Lockwood, Chairman, Institute of Directors (Waikato), New Zealand

Sehaam’s ability to engage with people is exceptional. The programme has helped move the business forward in a number of ways – build a more consistent culture and greater behavioural awareness to support our ability to scale rapidly.

Jon Morgan, HR Director, Amplience

I found her to be an excellent sounding board and a safe pair of hands through what was a critical part of our company’s development. She’s a consummate professional, has great insights, and delivered what we needed on time and on budget.

Amali de Alwis MBE, CEO, CodeFirst: Girls

Sehaam has supported my thinking, focus and decision-making as I build out the sales capability in my region. I value her strategic, business mindset and her ability to challenge my assumptions and approaches. Our robust discussions have led to many ah-ha moments that helped me to move forward with clarity and confidence.

Jon Phillip Bodholdt, Regional Sales Director, Amplience

Sehaam is one of the most insightful people I have ever met. She asks the right questions in order to understand how to optimize individual and team skills. She’s also an incredibly kind person with a fantastic sense of humor.

Amanda Schonfeld, Talent Team Lead

Sehaam has a genuine interest in helping people unleash their true potential through overcoming challenges and mapping out the steps required to achieve their objectives.

Tanya Mete, Graduate Research Advisor, University of Waikato

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