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Papertuner.com was born from a DIY paper tuner made in my garage.  Like most homes, there is not much room in the garage for more than your car, kid's bikes, and some tools.  I am a DIYer and engineer to the core, so creating and building is my thing.  When I needed to tune my bow, I first made the standard PVC paper tuner.  It worked, but it took up too much floor space. Then I ended up using half of the PVC pipes for other projects, so I needed to come up with a better option. This is when the Hang & Shoot Paper Tuner came to be.  I had plenty of ceiling space, but little floor. I decided to build something new from the ceiling down.  I took my passion of engineering and archery and came up with The Hang & Shoot Paper tuning device. 

What started out as a need to tune my bow in my garage with limited space, is now a tool that other archers can use to tune their bows.  I have done the engineering, so why not share it with others. My mission is to help build a better experience for the archery community by providing an option that was not available when I was searching.

Thank you for your taking the time to visit our site and we hope you enjoy our tuner, and it helps you to shoot straight!

Papertuner.com Company Logo