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Archery Paper Tuner - Hang & Shoot

Archery Paper Tuner - Hang & Shoot

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This game changing Archery Paper Tuner was designed from the ceiling down to help archers tune their compound bows.  One of the key features of this device is it takes up zero floor space.  The paper roll is above the tuner, and it's engineered so the paper can be easily pulled from the bottom as you tune your bow.  It has magnetic quick disconnects so when you are done tuning your bow it's super easy to disconnect and store.  No bulky equipment taking up your garage or shop floor.  

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Hang and Shoot Paper Tuner

Hang & Shoot Paper Tuner

It's a sleek design that takes up zero floor space. When you are done tuning your bow just disconnect and store it. Not only is it engineered from the ceiling down to save space, it also provides you with detailed instructions printed on the front of the tuner. Just shoot, evaluate the tear, and adjust as needed.

  • Straight Shooter

    Everyone needs to tune their bow. Why not make it as easy as possible? The Hang & Shoot Tuner is a tool every archer needs.  The paper does not lie, it will tell you what your arrow is doing. 

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